Today Baia is one of the best known Italian brands with an unrivalled reputation for the construction of modern and fast yachts.

Established in 1961, Baia is a leader in producing cabin cruisers, fast cruisers and fast commuters, ranging from 43 to a decadent 100 feet.

Based in the Gulf of Naples, Baia have produced a winning formula for boat building by utilising sleek modern lines, beautifully crafted interiors and innovative technology, to make them one of the most luxurious and performance driven brands world wide.

Baia is passionate about the interior design and their use of natural light, which gives the impression of fluid open spaces and divine simplicity, all whilst ensuring every desirable amenity is onboard to ensure your comfort and pleasure.

As you would expect from vessels of this calibre, there are various options for layouts and furnishing materials throughout the Baia range, which allows you to build a unique craft that reflects your own personality and style.

One of the most modern and sporty motor yachts to finally hit the southern hemisphere, a Baia is certain to make all your dreams come true. A step aboard will confirm, a Baia is absolutely breathtaking and one, only a true iconic european boat builder could perfect.