Since their inception in 1969, Regal has remained family owned and operated by the Kuck family. Over its decorated history, Regal has developed an infectious culture that thrives on teamwork and a firm belief in a common cause to build the world’s best boats.

Regal captured the market by storm with their FasTrac Hull design, which saw them win the Industry Marine Innovation Award, in 1996. This unprecedented level of performance and handling has completely revolutionised the level of comfort, pleasure and excitement experienced by Regal owners, right throughout their range, from 19 to 53 feet.

Regal is dedicated to making boat owners around the world not just reach their destination, but be a part of an exceptionally better experience, which is testament to why Regal has won more awards world-wide than any other boat builder.

There are so many reasons why Regal is the better choice.

Why not visit us at Sydney Boathouse, Rozelle and see for yourself. One drive on a Regal boat, and you too will see and feel the superior difference immediately.

Regal’s Mission Statement: With God’s help and a steadfast commitment to integrity, we will develop a team of exceptional people and relationships to provide exceptional customer satisfaction.