B.O.A.T…Best (gift) Of All Time!

Premier Marine Christmas Boats for Sale Sydney Australia!

I’m sure like for many of us, Christmas has literally creeped up on you like never before. With the global pandemic taking up so much of our time and energy, all of sudden, here we are, with only 4 weeks out from Christmas.

A boat is the gift that keeps on giving and it’s a wonderful addition to any family as it truly is bonding at it’s most finest and pleasurable.

Whether it’s a watersports, fishing or apartment afloat that tickles your fancy, we do have something for everyone.

Our enquiries are off the hook at present with people wanting to get their dream boat by Christmas.

We do wish to mention that stock is selling fast and a lot of our inbound stock is selling prior to arrival, so don’t delay and contact us now to discuss your dream boat for this Summer season or for planning Summer 2022.

For Forward Orders, we note there is generally a 12 month lead time, so please plan ahead.

Currently we have some fantastic new and pre-loved models in stock now or arriving in 2022.

We take this time to wish you a memorable and love filled Christmas and New Year.