Yep, it’s that time of the year again and isn’t it just gloriously delicious! It’s time to dust off the boat webs and swimming costume and head for the Harbour! For those of you who already have a Premier Boat, you’ll know first hand how amazing and truly life changing owning a quality boat is. For those of you who feel it’s still a someday maybe dream, you might like to check out the Sydney Weekender Family Day Out, which was filmed with our award winning Regal 2100. Watching this certainly made me want to get out on the water.

If your heart is set on a boating lifestyle that is a little more upscale, you will want to look at Chris Craft or Frauscher for the most premium day boats as well as the Absolute 40 STL, which is a new release.

Want a taste of the Premier Marine Lifestyle? Click here to watch our video

We’ve sold the majority of our stock boats so do contact us as soon as possible if you’re wishing to jump aboard this Summer.

If you’d love to be the proud owner of a luxury Premier boat but can’t quite stretch to the price, don’t forget we have a selective range of boats available via syndication, which could see you own a share (for example) in an Absolute 45 for the price of a sport boat. Our boats are incomparable to ranges offered in any other syndication/boat share alternatives! Of course, congratulations to Ian Rose and his team at Luxury Boat Syndicates on their amazing Absolute 40 STL, which has just arrived in Sydney.

With this amazing weather upon us, our boats are flying out of the Marina! I’ve chosen my top 5 new and pre-loved boats that are still available and would suggest you act fast, if you’re wanting a boat for Summer. Of course, keep in mind we have between 6 to 12 month lead times on boat orders so it’s also time to be looking at your options now in more detail even if you’re a while off. Don’t forget the pricing increases annually as well, so you could get the best price now by placing your order ahead of time.

If you’re feeling a little stumped trying to find the perfect christmas gift that says “I love you and I want to spend more quality time with you”, there’s nothing like a boat that will see the entire family fall in love. As they say, ‘families that boat together, stay together’.

Happy Boating,

From Lee, Steve and the Premier Team.