Absolute 45 Fly for Sale in Sydney By Premier Marine

Premier is excited to share with you our absolute ‘favourites over 40′. We’re pleased to share with you our Absolute 45 Fly and next to come will be our brand new Chris Craft 36 Launch and our Absolute 40 STL. These are our favourite big boats for Sale at Premier Marine in Sydney, Australia.

If it’s a big boat your busting to love and cherish, you can’t go wrong with any of our choices as they’re all winners in their own light. Every day you jump aboard your boat, you will be kicking yourself you didn’t do it sooner. To ensure you love your boating lifestyle and that it will surpass your daydream expectations, it’s so important that you get a good boat and one that you know is going to stand the test of time. I always say to people, if budget is a deciding factor, you’d be better off getting a small amazing boat over a large crappy boat. The large crappy boat will cost you way more than you will ever anticipate in terms of maintenance, not to mention, you will most likely have times where you’re going to jump aboard for a day out on the water, only to find the boat doesn’t start. So, weigh up your options and expect unexpected expenses on sub-standard old boat. In this respect, bigger is not always better. BUT get yourself quality in the beginning and you’re guaranteed an amazing lifestyle ahead with no headaches.

As I’ve worked in the Boating Industry for over 10 years and I could write essay upon essay about boats in general and why I love these models, but today, I’m going to keep it to my top 5 reasons why I love each model.

Ask me any questions at all and feel free to email me at lee@premiermarine.com.au if I can guide you further.

Introducing the Absolute 45 Fly

Absolute 45 Fly for Sale by Premier Marine in Sydney

My Top Reasons I love the Absolute 45 Fly:-


Volvo IPS Penta Joystick Control

The Absolute are IPS Pioneers and this 45 Fly will be a breeze to dock as it’s fitted with the Joystick Control. Absolute Yachts work directly with Volvo to ensure their hulls are perfectly suited to the latest and greatest IPS propulsion system. In addition to easy docking, even in the most extreme conditions, IPS gives you 30% better fuel efficiency, more space in the hull of your boat so you’ll feel you’re on a much larger model and it’s super quiet with less vibration.


Absolute 45 FlyBridge for Sale by Premier Marine in Sydney


On a big boat, the Flybridge is an incredible option to choose, especially if you’re enjoying our amazing winter and summer weather! There’s nothing better than entertaining all your friends and family up in the Fly as you can enjoy the wind in your hair, your view of the water is unobstructed, and you feel a part of your scenery. On the Absolute Flybridge,  you’ll love how huge the layout is and there’s grill, fridge and icemaker on board, so you can really entertain in comfort, style and amenity.


Absolute 45 Fly for sale by Premier Marine

I love, love, love the size and layout of the Master Stateroom and this is due mostly to the huge amount of space. In fact, the stateroom has been likened to being the same dimension as what you’d expect on a 50 foot plus boat in any other brand. It’s an inviting space to retreat to and even has a great seating area that you can look out to the water and read a book for instance.


Absolute 45 Fly for Sale in Sydney by Premier Marine

Absolute are so contemporary and forward thinking that they design their layouts with your desires and needs in mind. The position of the galley allows the chef of the day to remain in the thick of the excitement, between the salon and aft dining area.


Absolute 45 Fly for Sale in Sydney by Premier Marine

The amount of glass on the Absolute 45 Fly is quite literally bedazzling! In addition to the gorgeous aesthetics of the glass, the huge windows allow for the most light and airy feeling when you’re on the boat. With so much glass onboard, you will love the visibility, especially if you’re the Captain in terms of navigation and ensuring a safe passage. You will love the 360 degree views of the water, which allows you to feel so very zen and close to your surroundings.

There are so many reasons why Absolute Yachts are a true world leader in terms of motor yachts and we’d love to discuss your boating options further. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask!

Happy Boating from

Lee and Steve