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For all those who see things differently to ZAR, and don’t accept its fibreglass bow, but like the hull, the technology and the construction quality….

See the Newly designed MAKO, a tubular on the bow, but same ZAR boat bottom, technology and construction quality as other models


front peak for the anchor with the side opening door;

back peak with the mooring accessories;

front sunbathing bed convertible into a double bed with extensions as an optional that includes dunnages and pillows, the middle dunnage with a stainless steel leg can be used as a table;

145 x 130 back sunbathing bed (with back rest in the horizontal position);

wide back peak;

wide front peak;

two-seater console with mechanical wheelhouse, stainless steel rudder, 2 internal compartments with door and one peak under the front seat.

foldaway stainless steel ascent ramp and VTR bridge;

4 stainless steel bollards;

perimetric double millpond;

anchor-winch nose;

5 stainless steel (4 eyebolts for hangers);

repairs kit;

inflating device;

a pair of paddles;

bilge pump

MakeZAR Formenti
Dry Weight480kg
Safety Gear