“After the better part of the day with the 2100, we concluded it is in no way just another 21-foot bowrider.” -Boating Magazine
In most buying situations, boaters choose between going fast or going big. But what if you could pick both?
Now you can with the Regal 2100.
Based on Regal’s dominant FasTrac hull design- created to increase both top speed and fuel economy- and designed using lighter, stronger composite materials than any other boat in Regal’s 40 year history, the 2100 is hot!
Regal cockpit and comfort innovations abound, including a convenient sun lounge/ walk thru area that fits every need, from easy platform access to large carpeted storage (holding a wakeboard) to catching some rays.
The 2100 RX is the WATER SPORTS version and includes the following options in the package:- RX sport graphics and model designator Electric folding power tower Fusion Marine Radio with internal IPOD dock, 6 cockpit speakers, 2 amps, sub woofer, Arena seating Flexi-teek on the swim platform.

  • FASTRAC HULL *Regal’s FasTrac Hull is a stepped system built into the hull that allows the boat to travel on a pocket of air. full mid-beam step reduces drag and friction by forcing air underneath the hull. With decreased drag the FasTrac Hull increases fuel efficiency by up to 30% and raises cruise speed by 26% over the competition of similar weight and propulsion.PERFORMANCE The 2100 is able to achieve performance numbers with a 4.3L that rivals comparative models with a 5.0L engine.COCKPIT ERGONOMICSThe 2100 features the most cockpit space in its class with 6-inches of extra space between the aft bench seat and bucket seats.STORAGEThanks to the gull-winged transom and aft bench seat compartments, the 2100’s storage capacity rivals that of 24-foot bowriders.RESIN TRANSFER MOLDED FIBREGLASS HATCHES

    RTM fibreglass hatches are equally finished on both sides, which also serves to give a superior finish.


    Mahogany accents and french stitching adorn the combing panels for a warm, luxurious look and soft feel.


    The 2100 features upgraded 316-grade stainless steel hardware. Hinges are bolted, not screwed.


    Boarding the 2100 is easy and safe with the transom walk-thru; it also saves the upholstery from being trampled on.


    This option features wrap around seating that surpasses the helm as the best seat in the house. In addition, you get more cockpit seating and storage, which creates a very social area. The arena seating is also brilliant for the observer when engaging in watersport activities.


    Best in class stereo system featuring a waterproof internal IPOD docking station, extra large LED display, AM/FM stereo, 6 speakers.

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