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Van Diemen Luxury Convertible 7.5 For Sale by Premier Marine Boat Sales!

Introducing this incredible custom designed and hand made Luxury Convertible, which is set to shift your entire perception of day boat cruising!

Designed as a unique stand alone boat or luxury tender to your mother ship, your guests are going to love the convertible hardtop that can be deployed to suit your needs.

The patented Ocean Convertible technology from Van Diemen Innovation has electric windows and opening roof, which gracefully take any position at the touch of a button.

The Sports Limousine is the ultimate superyacht tender or VIP transport and Little sister to the Star casino’s Star 888. This Vessel gives you the flexibility to be used for multiple situations; guest entertainment and VIP transportation for eight persons, pleasure cruising or accommodating a Superyacht tender garage or easily trailered with her 2m Stowed height.

A key attribute of the boat is its roof and window system featuring a sliding glass windscreen and separate lifting roof; this combination gives three main forms, Open Transport, Hard Top, Closed, all at the press of a button and in under 30 seconds.

With the roof lifted fully overhead, it provides sun protection – ideal fair-weather cruising.

The glass can be raised fully or partially to further protect passengers from the elements, with the roof closed all components are lowered to gunwale height for storage or low windage towing.

Sliding stern doors retract inside the gunwale giving uninterrupted access thee stern of the Vessel this allows the Sports limousine to backed up to pontoons and swim platforms for rear boarding,

A single Volvo D4 260HP Diesel powers the van Diemen 7.5.

The deep V hull implemented into the design to provide a more comfortable ride Wide reverse chine minimises spray, keeping the Vessel dry and acting as a planning strake allowing the Vessel to plane efficiently (1 litre per hour at 22 knots) and provides a 35 Knot top speed.

$175 000
MakeVan Diemen Luxury Convertible 7.5
Length In Feet24'
Length In Metres7.5m
Dry Weight2700kg
EngineSingle 160HP Diesel engine