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It is the “little one” of the family. But maybe the most amazing one.
ZAR 43 is 4.30 meters long and 2.16 meters wide; it offers liveability, safety, comfort and performances that are hard to see in a traditional 5.5-meter long rubber dinghy.
Safe and comfortable transportation for 7 people, it can handle up to 90 HP.
It has two separate sun bathing beds (the front one is almost as big as a double bed), it has a fuel capacity of about 100 litres and a water capacity of about 60 litres without taking away any passenger space.
Just like its bigger brothers, it has tubulars with 6 compartments and it can be provided with a roll bar, shower, awnings and tents for nautical camping.
The ZAR 43 does not have any competitor simply because it is a ZAR, a little gigantic ZAR.

2 rows that can seat 4 persons forward running;

front peak for the anchor with the side opening door;

front sunbathing bed convertible into a double bed (cm 130 x 190) with extensions as an optional that includes dunnages and pillows, the middle dunnage with a stainless steel leg can be used as a table;

120 x 130 back sunbathing bed (with back rest in the horizontal position);

wide back peak;

wide front peak;

one-seater console with mechanical wheelhouse, stainless steel rudder, 1 internal compartment with door, 1 peak under the front seat;

foldaway stainless steel ascent ramp and VTR bridge;

5 stainless steel handles for passengers safety;

4 handling handles;

2 stainless steel bollards;

perimetric double millpond;

anchor-winch nose;

5 stainless steel (4 eyebolts for hangers);

repairs kit;

inflating device;

a pair of paddles.

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