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The ZAR 57 Well-Deck is the latest release from the luxury italian yard, which offers you an incomparable mode. You will love the spacious cockpit, functionality and usability. 
Enhanced by numerous accessories such as very comfortable side pockets and about 160-litre fuel tank under the deck, preparation for an electric anchor winch and triple-function driver’s seat, the ZAR 57 Well-Deck has a new, very personal design that emphasizes and accompanies the thrust and dynamic equilibrium of its every element. As if that were not enough, the new 57 has a longer, higher-performance hull than its celebrated predecessor, the winner of many Italian races thanks precisely to its exceptional hull lines. 

3 rows that can seat 8 persons forward running;

anchor forepeaks and afterpeaks;

back peak with the mooring accessories;

front sun bathing bed convertible into a double bed (cm 150 x 195) with extensions as an optional that includes dunnages and pillows, the middle dunnage with a stainless steel leg can be used as a table;

wide stem dinette with a table as an optional;

wide back peak;

wide front peak;

four side peaks in the stem sides;

160 x 195 back sunbathing bed (with the back rest in the horizontal position);

two-seater console with a hydraulic wheelhouse,

stainless steel rudder, 2 internal compartments with door, an object holder and two peaks under the driver’s couch and under the front seat. Reclining driver’s couch with pantograph movement;

bilge pump;

repairs kit;

inflating device;

a pair of paddles;

7 stainless steel handles for passengers safety

driver’s couch with double position (sitting up and down);

foldaway stainless steel ascent ramp and double VTR bridge;

1 reticular polypropylene fuel tank (about 160 litres)

according to standards CE;

2 handling handles;

4 stainless steel bollards;

perimetric double millpond;

anchor-winch nose with stainless steel bow;

4 stainless steel eyebolts for hangers.

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