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Zar 75 is a champion of transformation. It is the more versatile of the range. It is available with two different consoles, “Standard” and “Plus” (the second one with a comfortable fully equipped toilette and shower) and in two different bow living solutions, the “Suite” version having a U-shaped dinette.
Four options, four unique models: Standard, Standard Plus, Suite, Suite Plus.
Whatever your choice is, you will find 9 front facing seats, that are as comfortable as the couch in your living room and that can be easily transformed into a sea of cushions and change the deck into a solarium. ZAR 75 combines unusual spaces and volumes with elegance and vanguard design.


In navigation ZAR 75 is absolutely excellent: the long V shaped hull guarantees an extraordinarily smooth impact on the waves. Very fast, it is great to drive: it allows tight turns without getting off course. It offers top safety and stability. Thanks to unexpected handling qualities, displacement operations are easy under any circumstances.

3 rows that can seat 10 persons forward running;

anchor forepeaks and afterpeaks;

back peak with the mooring accessories;

front sun bathing bed convertible into a double bed (cm 160 x 230) with extensions as an optional;

wide stem dinette with a table as an optional;

wide back dinette with a table included (Suite);

175 x 180 back sunbathing bed (with the two back rests in the horizontal position);

two-seater console (that can be located in the middle or on the side of the boat) with a hydraulic wheelhouse, stainless steel rudder, 2 internal watertight compartments with door, an object holder and two peaks under the front seat, wc -as an optional;

three-seater multifunctional anatomic driver’s couch with double driving position (sitting up and down);

kitchen area under the driver’s couch equipped with:sink, mincing board (also utilizable like a place for a mono/double gas ring) and refrigerator special compartment predisposition;

bilge pump;

8 stainless steel handles for passengers safety;

foldaway stainless steel ascent ramp and double VTR bridge;

2 stainless steel fuel tanks (about 200+200 litres for Zar 75 and Zar 75 Suite) located under the walk floor according to standards;

1 stainless steel fuel tank (about 200 for Zar 75 Plus and Zar 75 Suite Plus) located under the walk floor according to standards;

6 handling handles;

4 stainless steel bollards;

perimetric double millpond;

polished stainless steel 9 Kg anchor;

anchor-winch nose with stainless steel bow;

3 stainless steel eyebolts for hangers.

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