The future has arrived and it’s electric.

Electric vehicles are not only silent since there’s no combustion going on inside their engine, but they are also much more efficient overall and can save a lot of money on gasoline.

Polluting, noisy, gasoline engine often separates you from the social interaction on board and lay waste to the nature that we are out there to connect with
says Carl Kai Rand.

All our models come with both electric and power propulsion and our boats themselves are optimised to consume less energy due to their design.

RAND simply provides an almost guilt-free sea experience.

As electric motors improve, more things are being electrified; including boats.

The new batteries are a lot smaller, lighter, stronger and long-lasting.

With this being said, the range and power of electric vehicles have significantly increased as well.

Our goal is to make the experience of sustainable leisure experiences at sea even more attractive and that is why RAND boats offer a silent and fume-free, low-key luxury experience, at an affordable price.


We strive to tear down boundaries in all aspects – including electric motors.

For this reason, we have designed our own E-Drive Series. By pushing the innovation to its limits, we have reached the perfect balance between speed and range.

All our models are available with electric engines and have top speeds between 20-40knots, and can cruise for a full day at mixed speeds that boaters most frequent are operating at. In other words we can fit almost any need.


Almost zero noise in the sensitive underwater world
The silent electric engines are highly energy-efficient and with as little as 100 watts pr. Km it means that you can indulge in adventures with a clean conscience.
We customize your RAND boat
Good things take time and the demand for sustainable boats are high so please contact us good time in advance to secure a production slot that meets your requirement.
Premier Marine Boat Sales Sydney Australia is excited to let you know we have a Rand Mana 23 arriving in October and can be fitted with electric or petrol options. View this model now by clicking here.
We also have a Rand Picnic 18 arriving in October and available with electric or petrol options. View this model now by clicking here.