Premier Marine is proud to represent Dromeas Yachts in Australia and has 2 all new model releases arriving in November 2021.

Dromeas Yachts build boats that are full of passion. The design, the features, the components and the layout all comes from the same place. We focus on performance, comfort and safety as our key priorities. We are looking to link our passion with yours and that is ‘For The Love Of The Sea’.

We want to be out there, diving, fishing, swimming with family, eating with friends, going through waves in between islands, explore coast to coast. We want to be out there, in search for more every single day we can, rain or shine. That is why we created the Dromeas yachts with all necessities, in practical design for every adventure, engineered for every element and environment without compromising on the luxuries of life.

Dromeas Yachts was founded in early 2017 by Naval engineer Efe Kuyumcu. Efe, has had a passion for the sea since the age of 5. From the age of 12 he was a National and Olympic sailor, being part of the Laser and Finn Classes. With a clear sign of having a love for the sea, Efe studied naval engineering with a quest to be able to build something that will allow his passion to become his career.

Dromeas Yachts, now spans over 2 large production facilities spanning over 12,000m2, producing high performance, light weight, sandwich fibreglass offshore power boats. The ever growing and evolving team within design and engineering, are always striving to continue to build to the best we can!


Part of the boat building journey at Dromeas Yachts means that we study and dissect every part of the build, to ensure that we always explore the opportunity to enhance our R&D. Matching vacuum infusion with sandwich fibreglass composites and non-wood production in the structural construction and carbon-fibre reinforcements, we can produce long lasting, durable and solid hulls that can endure whatever adventure you want to take.

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New Dromeas Yachts D28 WA

$285,000 28.00 Feet 2022

2023 Dromeas Yachts D28 SUV

290000AUD 28.00 Feet 2022

Dromeas Yachts D28 WA

$265,000 28.00 Feet 2022

2023 Dromeas Yachts D28 CC

285000AUD 28.00 Feet 2023

2021 Dromeas Yachts D38 Chaser

$0 38.00 Feet 2021