The ZAR 65 is big, spacious and comfortable: a real flagship!
It is the best interpretation of the philosophy that gave birth to the ZAR dynasty.
Everything is functional, thought and built with precise goals.
The eight/nine forward running seats was been conceived to give the maximum possible comfort. Born for the comfort and to enjoy open-air navigation. The ZAR 65 is fast and safe, soft on the waves, as well as manageable and nimble also in the worst see conditions, because of a very deep and long hull, unthinkable in a 6,5 mt.

3 rows that can seat 8 persons forward running;
anchor forepeaks and afterpeaks;
back peak with the mooring accessories;
front sun bathing bed convertible into a double bed (cm 150 x 195) with extension as an optional;
wide stem dinette with a table as an optional;
wide back peak;
wide front peak;
wide back dinette with a table included (only Suite version);
two side peaks in the stem sides;
160 x 190 back sunbathing bed (with the back rest in the horizontal position);
two-seater console with a hydraulic wheelhouse, stainless steel rudder, 1 internal compartment with door, an object holder and four peaks under the driver’s couch and under the front seat. Reclining driver’s couch;
bilge pump;
repairs kit;
inflating device;
a pair of paddles;
8 stainless steel handles for passengers safety;
foldaway stainless steel ascent ramp and double VTR bridge;
1 reticular polypropylene fuel tank (about 240 litres) according to standards CE;
6 handling handles;
4 stainless steel bollards;
perimetric double millpond;
polished stainless steel 9 Kg anchor;
anchor-winch nose with stainless steel bow;
3 stainless steel eyebolts for hangers.