Zar Formenti Zar 53

There is no comparison to a Zar when it comes to choosing your tender or stand alone inflatable power boat.

We love the Zar 53 as she's the perfect size for taking on the chop and for offering you amazing boating adventures, wherever you choose to cruise.

This Zar 53 has 8 comfortable running seats, a filler cushion to create a double bed, 8 areas to stow goods and a range of unique combinations in terms of seating, sunbathing bed and table.

At 5.35 metres in length, this Zar 53 has revolutionised the concept of inflatable RIBS, via innovative Zar technology.

A Zar 53 is ideal for the family to enjoy as a tender or a stand alone boat, she promises to excite everyone onboard. With capacity for up to 10 guests, she has 130 litres of fuel capacity and about 60 litres of water capacity under the floor without diminishing the passengers and storage space.

Everything has been well designed and built for maximum comfort.

The deep hull and configuration offers smooth sailing through big choppy waves, stable tacking and agility. The elegance and practical design make a Zar 53 a unique rubber boat and a best seller over the world.