As we move into our second month of lockdown here in Sydney, we’re not surprised that luxury and lifestyle shopping is at an all time high. We’re in the thick of a global boat boom, motorhomes, cars and bikes are selling out world-wide. Supply and demand is now a serious issue for all boat dealers around the world. In this respect, stock really is gold and we’re pleased to share with you just a few of the fantastic boats we have IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE NOW!

As it was supposed to be our Boat Show, we’ve had some gorgeous new boats arrive, which are available now and we can’t stress it enough…if you’re thinking towards a Summer Boating Lifestyle, now is the time to act. Especially, if you’re new to boating, it’s actually a great idea to start your on water training prior to peak season so by the time Summer hits, you’re going to feel super confident as the Captain. There’s nothing like sleepy waterways where you can just cruise with your boat launching at the ramp, or practice parking at your local dock.

A few of our all new brands and models we have available now include:-

Regal Boats with the Regal 36 XO CRUISER

Regal 36 XO All New Model Release in Australia- Available Now


Regal LS6 Just Arrived and Available NOW

Century Boats with the 2600 Centre Console

Century Boats 2600 Centre Console- Just Arrived and Available NOW

Century 2301

Century Boats Centre Console 2301 Available NOW

Oromarine with the S65

Oromarine S65 Available NOW

Oromarine S78

Oromarine S78 Available Now

Oromarine S9

Oromarine S9 For Sale and Available NOW

and Zar Formenti 53

Zar Formenti Zar 53 For Sale and Available Now

and ZF1

Zar Formenti ZF1 For Sale and Available Now.

Of course we have some other amazing boats and brands arriving around October/November, so do click here to learn more

And of course, our range of pre-loved boats is second to none with Regal, Chris Craft and Absolute Yachts on offer.

We’ve created some fantastic covid plans that we’d love to tailor to your exact needs and we invite you to contact us to discuss your dream boat now. Whether it’s putting your dream boat on hold, arranging for a delayed delivery timeframe (Summer 2021) or even payment plans so we can get you ready to jump aboard in peak season.

It’s natural that with so much of our lifestyle being taken away, we’re forced to find some type of peace in mind by making our dreams an actual reality. Travel is off the cards and we simply don’t know when this will change.

But even with so much being taken away, we’re mostly staying positive by looking to our backyard for some much needed time out. And where better to carry out your daily exercise allowance than by boat and on the water. Fishing is also allowed, as is carrying out maintenance on your boat, visiting your service centre and finalising your boat purchases at dealerships. We have click and collect as well as home deliveries available where possible.

We wish you Happy and Safe Boating and do let us know what we can do to assist you to jump aboard your Dream Boat Now.

Love from the Premier Team.