Established in 1969, Regal Boats are one of the world’s biggest family owned boat companies, which translates into the quality, style and performance that is truly unparalleled in the sport boat market. A Regal can be compared to your upmarket Mercedes or Audi on water.

Why is Regal the Better Choice?

A Regal offers you the fastest, driest and smoothest ride in class. In fact, a Regal is built for the chop, whereas other brands are better suited to fresh and flat water.

A Regal gives you 26% better performance and 30% better fuel economy and in fact, a mid-size engine will out-perform an upgraded engine in a Sea Ray, Monterey or Cobalt.

Regal’s award winning FasTrac Hull means the boat is travelling on air unlike other brands, which means you’ll have the most exhilarating, dry and smooth ride.

A Regal is built with Nida-Core, a lighter composite material, which is stronger and lighter than using regular fibre-glass. This also allows for extra cockpit space, which makes a Regal model comparable to the next size up in another brand.

Regal is dedicated to making boat owners around the world not just reach their destination, but be a part of an exceptionally better experience, which is testament to why Regal has won more awards world-wide than any other boat builder.

Why not visit us at Sydney Boathouse, Rozelle and see for yourself. One drive on a Regal boat, and you too will see and feel the superior difference immediately.

34 listing matched your search.

2023 REGAL 33 OBX

756000AUD 33.00 Feet 2023

2022 Regal 33 OBX

849000AUD 33.00 Feet 2023

Regal 33 XO

$0 33.00 Feet 2023

2023 Regal 33 SAV

960000AUD 33.00 Feet 2023

2025 REGAL 3300

$689,000 33.00 Feet 2025


769000AUD 33.00 Feet 2023

2025 Regal 36 Grande Coupe

966000AUD 36.00 Feet 2025

NEW Regal 36 XO

$1299000 36.00 Feet 2025

regal 38 SAV Surf

1486000AUD 38.00 Feet 2025