Zar Formenti has a premium and versatile range that is easy to use and enjoy. They are extremely comfortable and built to the highest of standards. They are renowned for their quality, style and ability to take on choppy conditions.

The power and performance, luxurious appointments and pure prestige, combines perfectly to ensure you ‘stand out in a sea of sameness’.

The iconic ZAR elements that have them leading the pack are:-

Deep Vee Hull, which offers comfort and supreme handling in choppy conditions;

A Rigid bow, which offers more space in every interior and extra large storage compartment;

Zar Formenti uses only the best quality materials including french hypalon fabric, stainless steel fixtures and fittings etc.

A Zar Formenti Inflatable RIB is the most comfortable, dry and smooth ride available in a RIB and we have an extensive range of models available for you to try and buy now!

We have seriously put these incredible inflatables to the test out on the Harbour and we’ve even take the ZF1, one of the entry sized models, off-shore to really put it through it’s paces. We were shocked by how brilliantly this model handled and actually, it’s an experience that has created life long memories!

We would love to share with you all the reasons that make this boat an incredible asset to your lifestyle.

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2021 Zar Mini Lux Rider 18

54990AUD 18.00 Feet 2021


130000AUD 6.50 Metres 2023